Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a Charter School?

A Charter School is a public school of choice that is state-funded but privately operated. Charter Schools have the autonomy and choice to set many of their own policies related to such things as curriculum delivery, parent involvement, discipline, and special programs; however charter schools, are public educational institutions, must maintain accountability academically, financially, and in all areas of legal and safety compliance.

What is the Academic Solutions Academy?

The Academic Solutions Academy is a Charter School located in Fort Lauderdale Florida serving grades 9-12. This Charter School provides an opportunity for young people to earn a traditional high school diploma. Academic Solutions Academy (ASA) is a not for profit 501 (3) (C) educational entity. The mission of Academic Solutions Academy (ASA) is to provide students an innovative alternative option of obtaining a high school diploma, be prepared to become self-motivated individuals, and to compete in secondary or post-secondary educational opportunities. ASA provides computer based instruction and direct instruction that allow students to work in a self-paced environment. Students have the option of flexible scheduling to fit their needs.

What is the School Calendar?

The Academic Solutions Academy follows the calendar of the Broward County School District. All holidays and vacation periods are observed.

What does it cost to attend ASA?

There are no tuition fees. The program is free to all Broward County residents. The Academic Solutions Academy provides all textbooks and other educational materials.

What Makes this Program Unique?

Academic Solutions Academy provides a nurturing and enriching educational environment which empowers all students to succeed. Academic Solutions Academy offer College Scholarships to qualifying seniors. The Academic Solutions Academy develops a Prescribed Instructional Plan (PIP) for every student based upon where the student left off in a traditional school program. A comprehensive individual and flexible plan is developed with the student so that the goal of earning a high school diploma is procure. In aaddition, ASA offers a state-of-the- art technology to enhance each child's learning experience. The school is equipped with stationary and mobile computer labs, Promethean Boards, Document Cameras, IPAD, and lab tops. Additionally, the school has researched based software programs used to enhance learning; some of these include, Scholastic Read-180, APEX Learning, Star Reading, Star Math, Skills Tutor, Power School, Power Teacher, and Grade Book and more.

Are Academic Solutions Academy teachers certified?

Yes. Our teachers and administrators are certified and highly qualified in their subject areas and meet the Florida state requirements for certification.

What about the Educational Program?

Student will learn in small classes as well as receiving one-on-one instruction. A combination of computer assisted learning as well as direct group instruction in English, Math, Science, Social Studies and electives.

My child has an IEP. Do you offer ESE services?

Yes. ASA will meet the needs of ESE students in different ways depending on the student's IEP. Please schedule an appointment with our ESE Specialist to better understand our ESE program.

What about the Standardized testing requirements?

Students are required to meet the Florida State Sunshine Standard Requirements as well as scoring a minimum of 80% mastery on quizzes, test, activities and all educational objectives within all courses included in the student's Prescribe Instructional Plan.

Does my child have to pass the FCAT prior to graduation?

All students attending ASA will have to meet all the State of Florida graduation requirements. That includes passing the FCAT, EOC, P.E.R.T. and course specific requirements.

How will I know if my child is meeting the requirements to graduate?

Each student will have all of their prior courses evaluated by a qualified Guidance Counselor to determine if they meet graduation requirements. Students in need of additional coursework will have the opportunity to make up those courses during the school day, or during our summer school program.